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ITV Bares All At Liverpool Sun And Air

Between lockdowns in 2020, our ELO (External Liaison Officer) Jane received a call from ITV. Would Liverpool Sun and Air be willing to be on the This Morning programme.
Apparently the programme send a presenter out and about to unusual places for their competition to win a
car and wanted to know if we would like to be the ‘that place’.
Oh yes!
So after several calls a date for the filming was arranged for September.

On a cool but sunny Monday, the film crew arrived. One director, one cameraman, one sound engineer,
two runners and a lovely presenter who was more than willing to throw herself (literally) into the fun. As
well as several members willing to be interviewed or in the shots, we also had our team all running around behind the scenes to ensure our lovely club was shown to its absolute best.
All the action took place around our pool area. There would be 4 segments giving the crew time to move the car and check camera angles, sound etc. in between filming.

Segments one and two were filmed easily. Segment 3 had the intrepid presenter jump into our pool. Insanity! But absolute gold for the TV show as Josie’s teeth chattered through her faultless delivery. She was warned by several
members that it would be cold at this time of year!

Then came the final segment.
Everyone from the club was strategically placed behind car doors, towels or a windbreak. Excitement got the better of some who moved. Philip Schofield was jumping out of his seat in the studio covering his eyes as the car door was not quite doing its job, but with excellent camera work, over exposure was averted! Josie carried on like a true pro even removing some of her clothing but kept her assets covered with her prompt cards!

Everyone from LSAS agreed it was a wonderful morning, a fantastic experience and just good fun! The fantastic comments from the film crew and presenter made it all the more worthwhile.

Want to see how brilliant it was. Just pop This morning Naturist into your search engine and watch Josie jump into the pool as well as the final segment near miss!

Would we do it again?
You betcha!

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