LSAS Roadmap Out Of Lockdown (subject to Government notice)
This roadmap will be constantly reviewed and altered as the Government updates advice and further information becomes available.
1st April 2021
LSAS re-opens to members for outdoor exercise, sunbathing, and sports. The rule of six or two households will apply to any gatherings. Hand hygiene and social distancing will continue to apply. Visitors and overnight stays are not allowed. 
To enter the grounds, before touching the keypad and gates to gain entry to the car park, you Must sanitize your hands using the sanitizer fixed to the wall, after entry, you Must use the sanitizer fixed to the wall inside before closing the gates. The procedure is to be reversed when leaving the car park. Notices are displayed explaining the procedure. The track and trace QR code is displayed on the  rear of the main gate and outside the pavilion front door for each member of your party to scan.
All areas of the pavilion other than the toilets and wash basins are closed, to include the main hall, both kitchens and the sauna suite. Also closed are the pool room and the swimming pool and outside shower. No Entry notices have been posted.
To access the toilets, a one way system is in operation. Entry to the toilet area is from the main foyer through the changing room, exiting via the rear foyer. Prior to entering the toilet area, you Must sanitize your hands using the sanitizing station provided to prevent contamination of toilet door handles, flushing mechanisms and taps. After use, wash your hands thoroughly and use the paper towels provided. Screw the towels into a ball and drop into the pedal bins provided. Use common sense when exiting, if someone is at the top wash basins, wait until they have finished and exited before proceeding. The SHOWERS & HAND AIR DRYER MUST NOT BE USED.
12th April 2021
LSAS re-opens to visitors, caravans/motorhomes/tents with self-contained on board facilities such as toilet, washing and kitchen facilities. The Covid 19 declaration form and temperature check will be   carried out as per last summer. The chemical toilet disposal point and motorhome service point will be open. There is a sanitizer station attached to the door. 
Members will be allowed to stay in their own accommodation provided they have full self-contained on board facilities such as toilet, washing and kitchen facilities.
17th May 2021
Showers, toilets and jacuzzi re-open to all. 
Other areas of the pavilion and facilities may be re-opened at this time along with relaxation of some social contact rules subject to Government review by this date. 
21st June 2021
All areas of LSAS will hopefully return to normal operation along with further relaxation of social contact rules. However, this is all subject to Government review.

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